Sunday, August 7, 2016

Sacandaga Camping!

Friday night we headed up to the Scandaga Campground. Its a favorite close by spot for us to camp on the weekend. We needed to try out the new tent before we take a bigger and longer trip later on. We arrived just as it was getting dark so I took these photos on Saturday.

20 pounds of field guides, books, knitting, games, plant press and .......

Setting up the tent for the second time in the semi-dark means we got the door on the wrong side! Whoops! 

Momma's knitting and reading

Oh, there is the door! Better luck next time. 

We found lots of good things during the day. A millipede or centipede of some sort on the old rotting stump, a damselfly, some plants we could identify and some we couldn't, chipmunks, oak trees, mushrooms and glacial erratics. I also saw a hummingbird while down at the river with Maddie. It flitted by drinking from the red flowers. 

The hummingbird's snack! I am not sure what this flower is and couldn't find it in the wildflower book. I'll add it to iNaturalist.

small flowered white aster

These were so pretty but I couldn't find them either! 


the millipede stump! 

I spent some time with Maddie down at the river. Unfortunately it was a bit of a trek from our campsite to the river so Maddie didn't get as much time there as she would've liked.

In the evening, just before dinner we headed down to the bridge so Maddie could try out the new tripod anad remote shutter release that Poppa Bill sent to her. I kept taking pictures of Brian working with her on it until I finally got the one I wanted!

What Maddie was taking a shot of! 

Working away...

more working....

don't mind me I am not taking photos of you....

hmmmm.....not yet

still not it....

Aha!! There is that big totally unscripted "This is the most awesome thing EVER Poppa!" grin that I was waiting on.

In the morning we stopped to check out so Maddie could turn in her Jr.Naturalist book and get a patch. This year it is a bat. The ranger looked through the book and talked to her about it. This happens sometimes but not always. We all appreciate it when they take the time! 

So now its time to unpack, clean the house and get ready for the week. The fair is starting up next weekend so we have lots of 4H things to accomplish this week! 

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