Sunday, August 14, 2016

Martin VanBuren NHS

We went off today to Chatham for a nice lunch and a look at the yarn store then we went to Kinderhook to Martin VanBuren's house which is now a national park. It was another hot one today and the AC in the house was not working but we made it through just the same. The tour was long but interesting. Unfortunately we couldn't take any photos inside the house so we just have to remember it. About 60% of the furniture within the house is original to the house and they have found important pieces like his desks in both the library and bedroom. The one spot I wish I could've take a photo for Poppa Bill. Apparently VanBuren was an avid fly fisherman and they have located his pole and tackle box that included some of the flies that he tied. There were also a lot of Jefferson references in the house because he looked up to Jeffereson and even spent a weekend at Monticello. Since we were just there a year ago that was fun to see. I did take some photos outside the house and of Maddie with a ranger sign we hadn't seen before. Maddie also earned another junior ranger badge!

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