Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Pro Marksman!

We were late at shooting sports tonight....but....Maddie is happy!

Now Momma has some sewing to do!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Bulls Eye!!!

Maddie was so happy when she got home from Shooting Sports last Sunday. She got a bulls eye! I took a photo because when she came dancing in telling me this I had a picture of a bulls eye in my mind...that was totally wrong! The real thing was much more impressive to me.

The sheet

The one on top is the actual bulls eye. 

She was darn close on that one in the middle!

Today during the children's sermon at church Maddie was asked to talk about Camp Fowler. Here she is getting ready and here is the link to the video! Enjoy!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Maddie Made A Backpack!

Today was sewing day for 4H. Maddie and I started the day at Joann's where she picked out Doctor Who fabric for her backpack. We had a great time and had lots of fun! Maddie did an excellent job too. Its been a while since she used the sewing machine but it seemed to come back to her.

a bit blurry but evidence that Maddie did her own ironing!

Emily helping Maddie cut her fabric. Notice Emily's sweatshirt...SUNY ESF. She had a long talk with Maddie later about the college. Maddie was already thinking that would be a good college to attend and, as she listened, her eyes started to light up. I think she wishes she was ready to head there this fall!! Highlights: "I hope you like to get dirty because if you have a class with a lab you are going to be outside digging around in the dirt." and "Oh man, we are all such a bunch a nerds. If you aren't a nerd you won't make it!" 

Pocket Directions!

Look Mamaw Mary! Your '76 beetle pincushion is still in use!

Chatting while Norah worked on getting her cords through.


Double Ta-Da!!

And now I must I go...I think my PJs are screaming for me at this point!!!

Friday, March 10, 2017


What a busy 4H week we have had! Saturday was Public Presentation Day. Maddie did a good job but was disappointed in her overall performance this year. She has already started planning for next year so we know she will over come this and not let it get her down!

Daddy Brian getting ready to video!

Micah taking us on a Chicken Walk

Aunties and Granparents in the audience

Maddie getting ready

Maddie and Micah

All about Thomas Jefferson!

Eamon in his origami hat

Norah showing us how to make our shoes fancy!
The next day we went to the first session of Shooting Sports at Guan Ho Ha. This was funny because we were revisiting our wedding reception venue! This was a safety class with no shooting. On Tuesday Maddie went back and they were able to shoot. Here are her targets.

This was a cluster(?) shoot. They were trying to group the shots all together. 

First time shooting! All 4 shots hit the target!!

Last night we had a regular 4H meeting. Maddie showed the kids how she makes bread using the method from Artisian Bread in 5 Minutes a Day

Momma was mixing and handling the dough because Maddie has a cold!

The kids' mini loaves

Eamon the ham!

Then they had a compass lesson with Brian involving finding North and then points on the compass.

Big kids were done by the time I got out there with the camera!

Helping Micah to take a heading.

Tomorrow we are off to sew a drawstring backpack with another 4H leader! And more shooting sports on Sunday!