Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Altamont Fair 2017 Day 1

Maddie has done well! She had 3 projects going to State Fair and is very excited about that! We spent the morning in the snack shop then Maddie went on to do her Junior Superintendent shift in the 4H Building. Brian and I walked around the other buildings for a bit but ended up back at the 4H building for quite a while. We have decided that we must just give in and bring chairs, books and knitting along. We know the fair like the back of our hands now and it doesn't change enough year to year to keep us busy. So.....knitting and reading in a shady spot it will be on Saturday!!

Great Blue Heron on its way to State!

Achievement book on its way too

And the chalk drawing...not that you can see it well here! We need to do some work on this though. At the very least it needs a fixative put on it and perhaps a frame. Research on State Fair rules is needed!!

The rest of Maddie's photos

Maddie's reverse tie dye t-shirt

Night sky painting

Doctor Who backpack

Tree ID book

I liked the ferris wheel in the background here! 

Maddie and the bubble machine! 

Sunday, August 13, 2017

2017 Altamont Fair Judging Day!

Today was an all day stay up at the Fairgrounds for 4H Judging Day! Maddie turned in her projects and then helped as a Junior Superintendent in the afternoon. Momma helped at the master sheet turn in table and Daddy helped put the bubble machine back together. It was long and a bit boring in spots but we all had fun!

Maddie turning in her photos

Painting, chalk drawing and reverse tie dye t-shirt here!

More talking about the art and t-shirt!

The dalak backpack

Time to talk about her achievement book

Cahtting about her tree id book

Time fto be  a  Junior Superintendent

Our Club Banner-not done but a work in progress

That was our busy Saturday! The Fair opens on Tuesday and things will be busy for the rest the week!

Monday, August 7, 2017

There is a Freshman in the house!!

First day of high school is in the books! Maddie did an excellent job of staying on track and getting down to business! History, Biology, Algebra readiness test, Latin, Rhetoric, and Vocabulary were all accomplished on top of dealing with a full house of kids!! She did great and will knock it out of the park this year!!

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Pick up and Camping!

Friday night we picked Maddie up at Camp Fowler. This was a lot of fun because we got to see their closing ceremony and video then have a hot dog dinner with the campers and staff. Maddie enjoyed having an extra hour or so at camp!

dancing and singing

Uncle Kent assuring us that Maddie's favorite part of the week (sliding down a waterfall) could be explained!

Maddie receiving her polar bearing patch

Hug circle

Then it was up to camp at Lewey Lake for the weekend! It rained down on us all night on Friday but let up about 10 on Saturday morning. We had a lovely campsite right on the edge of a small creek that was very noisy on saturday after all the rain! 

The small creek behind our campsite


View of our campsite from the creek

new canopy!

Bri making eggs in the rain in his new pan!

Maddie being a teenager....

On Sunday morning I made a couple of attempts to get Maddie up and moving so we could be on our way sooner rather than later. A few gentle "Maaaddddiieeee"s did not seem to do the trick at all so I tried "Hey Maddie. I saw a salamander already!" and BAM! she was out of the tent. So next time I know what to do. That little guy was moving pretty fast so I could potentially use it with no salamander in evidence if needed! 

So that was our wet weekend! The salamander liked the rain at least! Tomorrow is the start of high school around here......