Sunday, August 14, 2016

Fair Time Again! Judging Day

Its time again for the Altamont Fair! We went up to the fairgrounds yesterday in the 97 degree heat and 93% humidity to turn in projects and work in the afternoon. We had so much fun but the heat totally sapped all the energy out of us by the end of the day. Phew! Its been hot up there before but this one was a record.

Maddie wanted to turn in her photos first. This project is the one that takes the most time for us to prepare and is easily the most stressful thing we do. She entered 5 photos that were unedited and 5 that were edited. We had new judges this year in this category and were so thankful! In years past the judge was not engaged in the process at all. She wasn't excited by anything and she equally wasn't critical of anything either! All the kids got blue ribbons and no one got feedback. This time they were thrilled with Maddie's photos and pointed out things they think she could've done better. Maddie received all blue ribbons but with critiques and she couldn't have been happier. She was even more excited when all her photos were hung in a group and other 4H kids and parents started noticing them, stopping and looking for long moments before moving on with their own projects. I think she enjoyed that part even more than the judging.

Then we entered Maddie's Tree Identification Notebook. I will have to try to get a post up specifically about this later on! She has been working on the notebook for about 1 1/2 years now. It contains information on different trees she has identified when we are out and about on walks, in the park or camping. She has about 34 trees in it at this point and it includes photos, leaf or bark rubbings, pressed leaves and a sample of the seed if possible.

The same judge was also judging the woodworking so she looked at Maddie's bookshelf and sundial as well. She was impressed with the sundial idea which was fun for us! She gave Maddie some tips on woodworking too. 

Then we turned in her acheivement book which is basically a scrapbook of her years in 4H. The judge liked it but told her she needs to do some more writing in there now that she is older. Maddie is not thrilled with that idea! She is a kid of few words but we will work on it.

Then we set up our club display...The Trees Of Collin's Park. This year it was a simple matter of slapping up the trifold board and slapping down the tree pages. I realized when we were done that everything was white and I probably should've lined the booth with something. At that point there was little we could do about it though and were too hot to care any way! When you look at it you can see the work that went into it and hopefully they take that into account. Its minimalist...that's it!

After this Brian headed for home to make pickles while Maddie and I ate lunch. Then Maddie started her Jr.Superintendent shift and I sat at the table to collect the "master sheets" from the kids of all the projects they turn in and sold tickets for the fair to the 4H parents and kids. I love the Jr.Superintendent job at the fair. Just like a "real" job Maddie has to be on time, dressed appropriately, maintain appropriate behavior and sign in and out. Its a great experience.

Working with the photography judges of course!

So now we wait for Thursday night to roll around. Maddie will be doing her presentation for the third time and we will be able to see if anything was chosen for the State Fair. Fingers crossed!!

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