Sunday, July 24, 2016

Camp Fowler Drop Off Day!!

We headed up to Camp Fowler this morning to drop Maddie off at camp for the week. She was so excited that we were up and off in time to make the 10:30 church service and have brunch after in Fenimore Hall. Maddie loves to show us how the routine at camp works. Then it was time for the long wait to check in.....long....2 hours or so. Maddie and Brian spent some time playing tetherball while I sat in line (although I didn't know I was in line yet!) on the porch doing some sock knitting. This was as much of them as I could see from my spot! It was a lovely spot though with a breeze blowing by and keeping the bugs away.

They came to join me on the porch and Maddie got out her drawing pad. I noticed that the schedule for the week was up and walked down to take a photo of it. The day care kids, Brian and I all enjoy checking it to see what she might be up to!

Then we went through the registration process which was not as easy as normal. Someone forgot to print out the paper we are supposed to take from table to table and it threw everyone off a bit. We were patient and the counselors were too and we made it through! Then it was off to Goose Cabin. Maddie was in this cabin 2 years ago so we knew exactly where it was located and off we went. Maddie's friend Norah will be in the cabin with her but they arrived much later and were still working their way through the line when it was time for the kids to head off to games.

She is an excited kiddo!! The weather looks great too so I think she will have an awesome week! 

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