Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Yarn Along

For a few minutes I was able to take my eyes off this....

to work on my shawl....
Now that we are home for the week I expect to have more time for knitting and reading!

I did read Dyer Consequences by Maggie Sefton as well and looked through The Curious Nature Guide and Harvesting Color as well. Who could stop looking at those beautiful scenes though? It was a wonderful trip.

Joining Ginny at Small Things for the Yarn Along today.


  1. I can't say I blame you with views like that. I mean, really. Such a pretty blue yarn, though! (When one can focus on it, that is. :D )

  2. Wow - what gorgeous scenery! And speaking of gorgeous - that yarn is amazing! I have read a couple of Maggie Sefton books and really enjoyed them.