Sunday, August 21, 2016

Working at the Fair-Day 3-Clydesdales!

It was back up to the Fairgrounds again on Saturday for day 2 of snack shop and Jr.Superintendent work. Maddie and Norah had the same jobs but at different times today. First they were in the 4H building greeting the public and working the bubble machine.

Then it was our turn to work at the snack shop with the rest of our group. They loved it as usual. It was so hot out and then other vendors ran out of water. In our shift we ended up selling 61 bottles of water! Only about 15 shortcakes. When its hot I guess you would prefer a bottle of water over a strawberry shortcake? The kids did try though..."Hey, do you want a shortcake too?" which got them funny looks. Upselling is apparently not our thing.

Then the Clydesdales arrived! We took it in turns to take the kids over to see them. They are so pretty and it was so neat to be up close to them. The dog was quite funny too. He kept hopping about trying to see what was going on then getting bored and taking a nap. Same old, same old, everyone wants to see the stupid horses I am sure he thought! This is a mixture of my photos and Maddie's. We had different trips and different vantage points.

Maddie's photos below

When we finished our shift they were getting ready to load back up and head out. They came to the fair and led the "Parade of Champions" which was all the first prize best of fair winners. Now that would've been cool too! We didn't see that...we were finishing up and counting money at that point!

Then it was off to the rides for a bit. The girls were tired so they didn't enjoy it as much as usual. We think next year we will head off to a different fair just to check out the rides and skip them at Altamont where we have so many other things we need to do.

On the way out was a guy with a snake and well, Eamon and Maddie dared each other. Both of them "tried the snake on". Ugh.

Today is a day to finish up chores for the week, rest a bit and then go back up tonight for project pick up. Next up is the State Fair!!

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