Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Summer Reading Program...for Grups!

Here is one of my current projects and all of my reading! I am working on a Companion Scarf from the book Geek Knits for Maddie. I got the book out of the library and Maddie promptly asked for about 10 different items from it! This one is based on Doctor Who. I told her I might make the Dragonrider Shrug but only time will tell.

Maddie and one of the day care girls convinced me to sign up for the adult summer reading program at the library. The reason was that we are all working on the same bingo card to get raffle tickets! Fortunately I finished the Beatrix Potter biography and was able to check off a box right away. Then I read a book on my kindle called The Sisters of St.Croix which let me check off another box. I read a couple of knitting books and checked off the "read a factual book box". I knit the mitten bookmark that came with the Little House Shawl pattern and that was another box (make a bookmark). So I seem to be steaming right along and catching up to the girls. I needed to read a Sci-Fi or Fantasy book to make a row so I picked up Eragon . Maddie had started this and put it down but now that Momma is reading and enjoying it she is eyeing it again! I am also reading, and will be reading for a while to come, The History of the Ancient World by Susan Wise Bauer. This will be Maddie's history text next year. I decided to read it over the course of a school year so I will have notes for next year and know the speed we should be moving in order to get through the whole thing!

What are you reading and knitting or crafting? Joining Ginny at Small Things for the Yarn A Long.

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