Friday, January 1, 2016

Between Christmas and New Year

Maddie and I were lucky enough to have the week off between Christmas and New Year. We didn't do a whole lot! A lot of snuggling on the couch with our books and Momma's knitting which was good, it was what we needed, both of us!

We did get out to the Saratoga Battlefield on Monday and ended up having the park mostly to ourselves making it an extra treat!
Milkweed Pods

One of our favorite spots. I wouldn't have wanted to be in this little farmhouse in the cold wind going on we had that day! 

Maddie on the porch

Little Owl getting down for a shot! 

Way over at the very top of the tree is a C130. I thought that was the best I could get but then....

they came back around in a big circle!

Right over our head! Unfortunately I got too excited to get a good shot especially with my big fuzzy mittens on. 

We may have gone off the trail to get this shot...then we had to do an extra tick check.

You can see Maddie's photos on her blog here.

We did finally get some snow this week and that made a trip for snowpants necessary. Maddie outgrew the pair I bought this fall before she even wore them! On New Year's Eve Maddie and I decided to make new nature journals. We had learned to make some with a stick as the binding but we went back to our old method. It seems easier to write in because the pages lay flat. My journal is to go along with a knitting project I have going for the year! I am going to knit 2 rows in a color corresponding to the temperature every day and will have a rainbow scarf at the end! 

Brian would like to be home with us but at the same time was happy to miss the mod podge smell! 

Momma's journal and knitting all ready to go! 

Temperature Key! 

Maddie's new journal and looking much more like her than the old one made when she was 8 or so.

The inside cover with some scrapbook paper and the backing to the new centennial pin we got at Saratoga.

Today it is finally snowing a bit more. Well, Ok, its flurries that will probably amount to nothing! Maddie went out in it though and I got a shot of her next to the wall she built earlier in the week.

Happy New Year! 

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