Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Winter (?) Yarn Along

I think perhaps winter has finally arrived here. Maybe! At least there is a dusting of snow this morning and it has been cold outside. Maddie and I have been playing Dragonwood at naptime this week after finishing schoolwork instead of Maddie heading right outside. That would be an indication of both the temperature outside as well as how much she likes the game! Its got some good sneaky math practice in there so I am all for it!

This week I started Gulliver's Travels. I have read bits and pieces of it but not the entire book. Its on Maddie's reading list this year so both of us are reading it.

I am working on the Pioneer Girl Shawl. I have finished all the garter stitch rows and have the stitch markers in (almost every one I own!) for the lace rows. Since this is my first time with lace and a chart I thought going with the optional stitch markers was probably a good idea! Now I need some quiet time while I am not tired to give the lace rows a try. I love the little Conestoga wagon stitch marker that came with the kit.
You can see Maddie's Narnia drawing in the background. We had a lot of things going on last night!

I also thought I would share our stowawayasaurus. He came in something my mom ordered for Maddie for Christmas and she sent him on with the package. He made several appearances in my yarn so I knit him a tiny scarf out of sock yarn and my smallest sock needles. We all keep hiding him on each other. This morning he was waiting for me on top of the jam jar in the fridge! He has been in coffee cups, mittens and pockets. In other words we are having quite a lot of fun with this guy!

I hope you are keeping warm on this chilly breezy day! What are you working on, playing, reading?
Joining Ginny for the yarn along.


  1. haha! love the dino's wittle scarf. too cute. Winter hasnt arrived here really. Its been cold off and on but warm nice days in between and no snow. It feels strange. I cast on for my very first cardigan. big project and a little scary! Have a great week!

  2. Haha what a fun dinosaur, glad he got his own scarf! :)