Sunday, January 10, 2016

Back to School!

Tomorrow Maddie goes back into the school routine. I think the current schedule where we get 6 weeks in the summer and another 6 at Christmas has helped us quite a lot. We feel rested and ready to tackle things again! We enjoyed the last weekend before starting back! Here is Maddie today all ready for church.

As you can see on the table behind her we had been reading everything under the sun....national parks, Curiosity Cabinets, Epic Tomatoes! drawing and knitting. Busy beavers!

This afternoon we played Catan with the knights and castles expansion pack. It still took 2 1/2 hours but I think mostly this was due to the robber and the barbarians attacking every other turn at the beginning of the game more than needing to check the rules every other turn.

Due to that Momma may have forgotten to start cooking the beans we were meant to have for dinner! Breakfast for dinner to the rescue!

The Stowawayasaurus keeps appearing in my knitting for the last week....

So I thought perhaps he was cold and made him a scarf....
he loves it! Now he is hiding in Maddie's tea mug to be found in the morning so he can show off his new accessory.

Tomorrow its off to Chemistry, writing science cause and effect papers, the age of imperialism and Gulliver's Travels! We hope you have an excellent week!

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