Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Morning!

Merry Christmas! A few pictures from our morning.

Maddie's revenge....a cell package for Daddy which started this big

then got smaller

and ended with Yoda boxer shorts.....

Whittling book from Poppa & Mamaw

Cabinet of Curiosities....for Maddie but I think we will all be reading it! 

I think the smile says it all here! 

a stowawayrosaurus!  
New notebook...important for the #1 Sherpa to have in the woods! 

getting right into the oil pastels! 

I don't think I have words for this one! 

New scissors for Momma! 

A pocket for the fridge...I wonder how many little people will end up in there from the day care kids???

And a new shirt for Little Owl from Uncle Evan & Aunt Jan

Hope you are having a great Christmas!

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