Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Yarn Along

Wow! I haven't joined the Yarn Along in a while! I am on vacation though and not knitting surprises so I have time and am able to share.

In knitting....I am getting ready to start a sweater for Maddie for Winter Camp at Camp Fowler. I had a false start with yarn that just really didn't work at all. The lady at the local yarn shop was wonderful about it! She helped me pick out something better and did an exchange. I learned some things along with that too! Here are my notes on Ravelry.

Yesterday I started a Baby Bib O' Love for my day care baby. I was getting frustrated with the bibs that I have here when it dawned on me that those bibs are 7 years old and have been through 4 babies prior to the current baby! Time for new! I thought I would make this pattern because when it gets yucky I can just remove the button and make a new one. The ones I have now have velcro which is the main doesn't stick any more! This is an easy one I can work on when people are talking to me too...great for vacation time!

All our new hats from last year's knitting seem to have disappeared. They have got to be here a safe place I am sure...but I cannot locate them! Brian and Maddie each got a new hat for Christmas and now I am working on one for me. I am using Ginny's Hackberry pattern and yarn I purchased at the Greenmarket from a local alpaca farm! Its my 4H hat because I used the tokens I was given as my 4H leader of the year award for our county. My notes are here.

In books....I am continuing to read How to Keep a Naturalists Notebook. I like it a lot and pick it up to read when I have time to think and practice what I am reading. I am planning to make a new nature journal for myself this week.

Brian gave me Teaching From Rest for Christmas. It contains a message that I find I am needing more and more as we enter the high school years!! Hopefully I can follow through but I think I am better at worrying over it all than letting it go and trying to just be purposeful. We will see!

I am reading My Family and Other Animals on my kindle and laughing out loud the entire way through it! Anyone whose child is a naturalist should pick this up and give it a read. I have to keep reading parts aloud to anyone sitting close by....Brian in particular appreciates the things that happen! I think I am glad that we live in the Northeast where bringing home exotic animals in not a possibiltiy!

What are you knitting and reading lately??

Joining Ginny at Small Things for the Yarn Along!

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  1. Those yarns are very pretty. Enjoy your knitting and reading. I hope you find last year's hats.