Sunday, December 11, 2016

Getting Ready!

We have done some decorating over the last 2 weekends to get ready for Christmas! Here are the results....

The chef tree!

Mary is still of these days I will get her replaced! I think the key to it will be to work on it the week after Christmas.

Truth in the Tinsel tree. This year we are using ornaments made in years past while enjoying the Bible verses.

Nativity Maddie made many years ago in Sunday School.

Playmobil Santa and animals, A Christmas Carol and the family tree.

Paperwhites! Maybe they will bloom for us.

Advent wreath with paperwhites in the middle.

Hmmmm....I think you know who that is!

Hewitt's 4H Wreath decorated by Maddie and Brian.

Birdie from the wreath...he was too cute so we had to bring him home.

Maddie has also been busy drawing, drawing and drawing some more! 

Today we made a trip to the Greenmarket! We bought yarn and kale!! Where else could a person do that? I purchased yarn to make a hat for myself using the coins I was given as my award for being the 4H Volunteer of the year for our county.

I should've taken a picture of the kale too! Its red russian kale and really pretty. So that it is it! More to come as more decorations make their appearance. Happy Advent!

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