Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Morning!!

Merry Christmas!! This year I thought about it ahead of time and got out the Rebel camera that Poppa and Mamaw sent to us and used it for photos. So we managed to take 82 photos! I will not put them all here but I am putting quite a few....for Mamaw and Poppa! Enjoy!!

Maddie's Winter Camp Box...she never did ask if she was registered so that didn't quite go as planned but she loved what was in it just the same!! The favorite part was the bracelet with Camp Fowler coordinates engraved on it.

Owl Slippers!

Then we opened presents from Mamaw and Poppa. Aren't the Amazon gift bags pretty? We loved everything!!

Maddie couldn't wait to get into the big Dick Blick Art box. 

I'm not sure which one she was more excited about...the paper or 

the portfolio!

I've no idea here...none....but it is a typical Brian funny shot so I had to include it!

Book from MG and me...bookmark by Mamaw!

Maddie was so happy! She was sad when we had to give this back to the library! Now she has her own copy!

Maddie said "We should've saved that for last!" 

New dishloth anyone? I'll get right on it!!

Hmmm..its a while until dinner. I think we will have noses in books and maybe even get dressed (GASP!) and go for a walk!! Thank you for everything!!

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