Saturday, December 24, 2016

Baking Day!!

Yesterday we were all day care kiddos in it was baking day! We started out with cinnamon rolls with the help of Harry Potter.

Maddie was thrilled to do the cinnamon this year. I think she got it right this time and no one will be burning their mouth! 

Harry playing on my kindle.

Then we moved on to peanut butter blossoms and no photo. Whoops!!

After that we decorated sugar cookies we made earlier in the week. We used this icing recipe and loved it! The icing dries hard so we could stack the cookies back into our rubbermaid tin when we were done. I said we may not be professional but we certainly had fun! And, really, who will complain about our decorating when handed an iced cookie???

Some of Maddie's and some of Momma's

Maddie's tray

Momma's tray

Today we must practice for the church service tonight. Maddie is reading from Luke about the birth of Jesus and lighting the Christ candle. We are also expecting friends for lunch! I think some last minute wrapping and knitting are happening too. Enjoy your day!

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