Sunday, June 12, 2016

Youth Sunday 2016

Today the kids took over the church service! They did everything from start to finish and did it well too! We really enjoyed it and so did many other people. Maddie had several parts to play and we were very proud of her good job.


The Welcome

Maddie and friends doing the morning watch song from Camp Fowler

Maddie and Micah leading the confession and assurance

Maddie reading the story of the Good Samaritan

"Parents Sermon" instead of the Children's Sermon

Naomi made use of Maddie's lap to get some snuggles!

The sermon-a play the kids made up about a modern Good Samaritan. Maddie played a bully which completely astounded the little guys! 

Maddie's friends Grace dancing

Then we had a picnic! Brian helped grill.

As usual wherever Maddie goes.....little dudes are sure to follow....

water balloon games!

It was a really fun day!! We are so proud of the kids. Brian took several videos the links are


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