Saturday, June 4, 2016

Twisted Ankle and other fun things!

Last night Maddie went outside to play and shortly after I could hear tears! Brian and I went flying outside to discover Maddie had sprained her ankle while running about. Brian got her a special ankle suppression sleeve which helped a lot while I plied her with arnica, ice and ibuprofen plus quite a few hugs as well! By this morning Maddie was feeling much better and keeping her quiet proved to be difficult! I made a stop at Joann's today and found these small canvases. Maddie was delighted and got out her guache to make some paintings.

Mountains, flower and stars!

Yesterday I took some pictures of the yellow goatsbeard out on the front bank of the house.

I finally finished a prayer shawl. I'm glad this one is done because the pattern was very boring. I think it came out pretty though!! I also picked up yarn for a prayer scarf which can be hopefully completed in time for one of the high school seniors at church to receive it for graduation.

Maddie rode along with me to Joann's for the yarn. We are 99% sure we spotted a golden eagle landing on an abandoned house/building of some sort near the river! We are very excited about this spotting! We are going to have to keep our eyes open on our trips out that way! Brian was also busy today doing some yard clean up and attaching our bluebird boxes to poles. 

Time to settle in for the night around here. Its been a busy day!

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