Saturday, June 18, 2016


We signed Maddie up for a photography tour sponsored by the Agricultural Stewardship Association. We are going to 2 farms and today was farm #1, Northern Spy Farm. This is run by a woman photographer who also raises goats and makes cheese from the milk. It is the smallest licensed dairy farm in the state of Vermont. We got to meet the goats, check out the fields and see where the cheese is made.

The milking stand

As per usual.....

the goats like Maddie...

Brian used my little camera while I was practicing with the big one. He also got some good shots! 

Then we went to have our lunch next to the Battenkill River in a pull off where we went a lot when I was a kid. It is full of people with tubes these days but we managed OK any way! I took these with the little camera. 

Can you find the little fish??

And that was much of our day and a lot of fun! Next week we are off to another farm to see what we can see and practice some more.

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