Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Knights, Ladies, 4H Promotion and Chemistry!

This saturday the park was taken over by Knights and Ladies in Waiting. Well, maybe it was only a part of the lawn by the library but it was still a lot of fun. Maddie and I stopped to check it out. The knights were no longer "fighting" by the time we arrived but the ladies were still working. I was able to see card looming and even try it for a bit. Maddie got an up close view of a crossbow. One of the ladies played her instruments from Medieval times for us too! It was a fun visit.

On both Saturday and Sunday night we spent an hour at Freedom Park with our 4H promotion materials in tow. Maddie needed 2 hours of 4H Promotion to qualify for the level 2 achievement award for the year, a goal she had set for herself. So we sat on the path to the concert stage and had conversations with interesting people! One lady was quite funny. I was working on my knitting both nights, The second night she said "Wow! Are you still working on the same sock?". She must've thought I was some sort of speed knitter. 

Both nights were humid but there was a beautiful breeze off the river.

Last night was Chemistry experiment night. Our first major one of the year. Maddie tested the luster, magnetism, conductivity and malleability of several different objects. I think the malleability test or the "go smash it with a hammer in the driveway" test was her favorite. Brian helped her build the circuit to test conductivity. 

Tonight we are studying the periodic table some more and working on the 4H record book to hand in soon! 

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