Friday, August 14, 2015

Altamont Fair Day 1!

What a busy day! We arrived at the fairgrounds at 9:45 and started our snack shop shift at 10:00. Maddie worked there in the morning (we sold about 5 strawberry shortcakes and LOTS of snacks!) then ate lunch and went to the 4H building to work as a junior superintendent. Before all of that however we "visited" our displays. Blue ribbons all around and one project from our group is going to State Fair!

Somehow I got a fuzzy picture of Maddie in the snack shop. Good thing we are going back for another session so I can get a better one! 

Maddie worked at the bubble machine station for her Junior Superintendent shift. She helped kids up into the machine and explained how to pull the handle to enclose themselves in a bubble! 

While Maddie was working Principal Dad and I roamed the fairgrounds looking at the things that normally bore Maddie like the cars and the crafts while saving the DEC tent and the owl rescue for later when she was with us! 
the mannequins they have in places around the fairgrounds are, I have to admit, a bit on the creepy side! 

Pretty horse!

the largest horse I have ever seen and been that close to. This was in the draft horse barn! 

We also met some very interesting people but since that led to getting a little something for a certain Mamaw in Idaho it will have to wait until later! Hmmm... We finished up by spending the last hour listening to the rock band on the stage in the grove! It was nice to sit for a bit! Then we collected Maddie, had some dinner and headed for home!! 

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