Monday, August 31, 2015


So in the last few years I have to admit to letting art, as a school subject, slide a bit. I worked it in when I could and am aware it is important. However at the end of a long day care day with maybe an hour to slide in something extra I was choosing math fact games over art projects. My reasoning being if Maddie can't recognize a certain artist or technique she can learn it on her own, if she can't balance the checkbook chaos will reign in her life. Plus her interest in photography fills the art slot for me most of the time. This year I remembered a book in our collection that I think will make things easier! Its called Discovering Great Artists by MaryAnn Khol and Kim Solga. The books runs through famous artists from the Renaissance to today with small biographies and a project to try.

Tonight we started with the first artist and project. His name is Giotto and he had to make his own paints. These came from minerals and berries that he mixed with egg yolk and water. So how do we try this easily? We used sidewalk chalk! Maddie loved every step. The smashing, the mixing, the painting. I'm glad I remembered this book and that we got a good first project under our belt! 

This one was my favorite! 

I'm sure it will stay a once in a while thing but at least we know we have a good resource! 

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