Sunday, August 6, 2017

Pick up and Camping!

Friday night we picked Maddie up at Camp Fowler. This was a lot of fun because we got to see their closing ceremony and video then have a hot dog dinner with the campers and staff. Maddie enjoyed having an extra hour or so at camp!

dancing and singing

Uncle Kent assuring us that Maddie's favorite part of the week (sliding down a waterfall) could be explained!

Maddie receiving her polar bearing patch

Hug circle

Then it was up to camp at Lewey Lake for the weekend! It rained down on us all night on Friday but let up about 10 on Saturday morning. We had a lovely campsite right on the edge of a small creek that was very noisy on saturday after all the rain! 

The small creek behind our campsite


View of our campsite from the creek

new canopy!

Bri making eggs in the rain in his new pan!

Maddie being a teenager....

On Sunday morning I made a couple of attempts to get Maddie up and moving so we could be on our way sooner rather than later. A few gentle "Maaaddddiieeee"s did not seem to do the trick at all so I tried "Hey Maddie. I saw a salamander already!" and BAM! she was out of the tent. So next time I know what to do. That little guy was moving pretty fast so I could potentially use it with no salamander in evidence if needed! 

So that was our wet weekend! The salamander liked the rain at least! Tomorrow is the start of high school around here......

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