Sunday, July 30, 2017

Another Week in the Adirondacks!!!

This morning we got up and headed to Camp Fowler for church, brunch and checking Maddie in for her week at camp. It is beautiful up there as always. And, with what seems to be rapidly becoming a tradition, Maddie went with a cold. I am betting she will be better by tomorrow morning though! While Momma and Daddy waited in line with books and knitting Maddie was playing "carpetball", meeting up with old friends and making new ones too! We also got a peek at the schedule. She is going to be a busy girl!

We got through the check in line in record time and Maddie was assigned the Woodpecker cabin. She was the first one in the door and her pick of bunks. Later Norah arrived and we got pictures of them together. They aren't too excited to be there or anything!!

Now we have a quiet, quiet week!! This is good though, Momma has to get things ready because ninth grade starts next Monday!

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