Sunday, August 13, 2017

2017 Altamont Fair Judging Day!

Today was an all day stay up at the Fairgrounds for 4H Judging Day! Maddie turned in her projects and then helped as a Junior Superintendent in the afternoon. Momma helped at the master sheet turn in table and Daddy helped put the bubble machine back together. It was long and a bit boring in spots but we all had fun!

Maddie turning in her photos

Painting, chalk drawing and reverse tie dye t-shirt here!

More talking about the art and t-shirt!

The dalak backpack

Time to talk about her achievement book

Cahtting about her tree id book

Time fto be  a  Junior Superintendent

Our Club Banner-not done but a work in progress

That was our busy Saturday! The Fair opens on Tuesday and things will be busy for the rest the week!

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