Sunday, February 19, 2017

Winter Camp Drop Off!

Maddie is all set for a day or two at Camp. We dropped her off in time for dinner this afternoon. Before we left we all walked (snow shoed!) down to the main camp area so Maddie could take some winter photos with her big camera.

They had plowed so we were able to walk somewhat easily except it is now mostly ice! The snowshoes helped us though.

My favorite sign!

Ok...these were bugs? larva? What the heck? We don't know but they were indeed alive and scurrying about! I should've taken a video. 

When we were done Maddie went back to set up her sleeping bag and meet her roommates. They seem to be quite a bit younger than her this year so that will be interesting! Pick up time will come all too soon as far as she is concerned!

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