Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Bowling and Rationing....

Maddie and a couple of the other 4H Teens went to join some of the senior citizens in an assisted living home play Wii bowling. This was Maddie's first time using a Wii so they had quite a bit of fun showing her how to play. The kids had fun, the seniors had fun so we will probably be making a return trip.

Maddie getting her lesson! 

We are studying World War II in history right now. We are trying to take things a bit slower this time in Modern History. Last time around Maddie was 9 and it is a rough brutal and close to home time period which all turned out to be a bit too much. This time we are going slower and focusing more. We picked up the book World War II for kids from the library thinking it would have some good activities and information in it. It really is very good and has lots of things to do. Maddie picked out the "Rationing Game" to try. For the next month we are going to keep track of what we have for dinner and what it would've cost us in points. We are only doing dinner because we decided trying to figure out how to do it fairly with the day care kids for the rest of the meals was just too much! It will still give all of us an appreciation of what it was like I think. So we got set up tonight and used our first points on ziti with sausage! 

I laid everything out for Maddie so she could determine what would cost points. The home canned tomatoes cost 0!

Now we are getting ready for Winter Camp, Public Presentations and 4H shooting sports! 

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