Monday, February 13, 2017

Cabin Fever....just barely!

We finally have some snow so we could, I suppose, have a tiny touch of cabin fever! We did attend Cabin Fever Day for 4H. Brian taught the kids how to make chicken vegetable soup, chicken sandwiches and zucchini brownies. They had a ton of fun and so did we!

In the afternoon Maddie stayed to paint while Brian and I took the kitchen supplies home again! Here is what she painted! Aren't they pretty?

On Sunday we got more snow! In fact it snowed all day into the early morning on Monday. We did some shoveling and snow shoeing around the backyard. Then Maddie and Brian built a radio! We could very faintly hear WGY. They were really excited that it worked! This is both history (World War II) and Physics but don't tell Maddie...she just thinks it was fun!

Today is back to work and school for us! The wind is whipping around the house though so I think probably snuggling in and reading will be the activities over tromping around the yard. I might lose the littlest day care child out there today!

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