Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas? Well, maybe!

About 2 weeks ago Maddie and I saw a squirrel steal one of her small pumpkins and make his way in a hilarious fashion over the fence and zip up the backyard with it. Then we were sick the next day and over the weekend so were not in the backyard. The next Monday we took the kids out to the yard and discovered the squirrel had cached the bottom part of the pumpkin in the tree stump at the top of the hill. Maddie zipped inside to get her camera but was too late. The squirrel saw us looking, got nervous and grabbed it while we weren't looking! This led to more fun of watching him try to balance way out at the end of the tall hemlock tree while keeping the pumpkin in his mouth. He failed at that one and the pumpkin ended up bouncing down on our neighbor's picnic table. This morning I decided to go see if anything else was in the stump. There was something but not what I expected despite the unusually warm weather here!

Thats right, a pumpkin sprout in December! Its no wonder I am so behind on Christmas just doesn't feel like Christmas! 

Maddie did get busy today with a Christmas project. She made "new" crayons from old crayons for the day care kids and a couple of friends. Here is what she did. 

Soaking the crayons in warm water to get the label off. We read this tip and it worked well! 

Maddie broke the crayons into pieces and filled the cookie pan we purchased for the project.

After 10 minutes in a 275 degree oven we had melted crayons!

When they were cooled Maddie was able to remove them from the pan.

And package them up with labels from Balancing Home.
That was a fun project and I think we will soon be actually ready for Christmas despite the weather! 

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