Saturday, November 28, 2015

Saratoga Battlefield Hike

Happy Thanksgiving! We decided to go to the Saratoga Battlefield the day after Thanksgiving to take a hike. We had never done the whole Wilkinson Trail and decided to give it a try. Maddie took along her camera and her GPS unit so she could gather information and try making a tour at home. That is still in the works! It was a beautiful day! Almost 60 degrees and sunny with a warm wind blowing. We could see for quite a long distance too. We have been following Fall Outside with Mud Puddles to Meteors. The prompt for Friday was to listen to nature. As we walked along the trail we realized that the different grasses were making different sounds which was fun! We may have noticed this regardless of the prompt but we have been having a good time trying each day's prompt and discovering new things as we go along.

View from the Visitor Center

We were attempting to get a Christmas picture here. We will see how that turns out! We may need a less windy day.

I told Maddie to be careful. That looked like a tree that likes to swallow Hobbits! 
Cannons from below

I kept seeing pinecones stuck in bushes! 

I believe this is a house sparrow. She was having a drink in a puddle and flew into the bush as we approached.

A quote from Brian while Maddie and I were taking this picture and he was trying to read to us "Have you two never seen milkweed before??" 

Maddie asked for her picture next to the tree because it was so cool!

It was a fun day! We hope to go back and try again. We also need to see how Maddie's map comes out!

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