Sunday, April 24, 2016

Washington County Fiber Tour

Today Maddie and Brian agreed to go along on a couple of stops on the Washington County Fiber Tour. First we went to Alpacas of Haven Hill and met the alpacas. They have 19 on their farm along with horses and dogs. They also have a cute little shop where they sell items made from their alpaca's fleece.

Brothers! They just got done hitting each other about the neck and decided to look innocent. 

I could not resist this guy with his teeth. 

The girls! They liked to pose for the camera.

Our next stop was St.Mary's on the Hill Cashmere Goats. Not only did we meet the nuns but we also met another group of 4H kids. 

This made Maddie's day! 

Another one I couldn't resist! Snoozing upside down. Its hard work entertaining all those people when you are only a few weeks old.

This guy refused to look at us.

This one put up with Brian and I for a minute then went over to nuzzle and lick Maddie to get her attention. 

This little guy worked really hard and finally got into the feed box.

Our last stop was the Battenkill Carding and Spinning Mill. I didn't take any photos but the machines were really neat! We got to see the process of taking a fleece, cleaning it, carding it, spinning it and making it into yarn. It was a lot of fun. Even Maddie and Brian had fun and we might do more next year!

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