Saturday, March 5, 2016

Science Experiment and Public Presentations

This has been a busy week! Maddie did a first science experiment involving fire (in the form of a candle) and was prepping for her 4H Public Presentation. The experiment was fun. We were testing sugar and salt to see which contained carbon. Carbon is part of Organic Chemistry which is her new science unit this week. We tried to use the fancy tongs from the chemistry kit but they just didn't hold the spoon handles well. I had a pot holder at the ready but the handles didn't get too hot.

sugar has carbon!

salt does not...

On Saturday we went to 4H Public Presentations. I know I am her mom and all that but I think Maddie did an excellent job! I am so very proud of her. She managed to figure out how to create a powerpoint presentation all on her own as well as researching and writing her own paper on John Muir. I can honestly say it was all Maddie with just a little bit of hints and helps from Brian and I. She got a blue ribbon award and was very excited.
Bonnie introducing Maddie

grin of relief at the end...including a dimple!

talking with the judges

Video of the presentation! 
Didn't she do GREAT!

When Maddie was done another parent said to us "I had NO idea she was only 12. I thought she was 14 at the least.". We told him not to feel bad, it seems to be a common problem. So that is all off the list now and on to other projects! 

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