Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Fun!!!

We had lots of fun this weekend. We started the Easter fun by dying eggs on Friday night. Maddie tried "tie dying" one of them too!

Getting ready to tie dye by putting the dye onto a paper towel

We wrapped the egg in the paper towel.


Ta-Da! The tie dye one is in the center row at the back. It came out with a bit of a pattern on it too from the paper towel.

Saturday night Brian and I hid the eggs and I think we had more fun hiding them than Maddie did finding them!

The Stowawayasaurus got in on the act!!

Maddie's basket had an art theme this year! She has been doing a lot of pencil drawing so we got charcoal pencils. Maddie also asked to try guache paint and we were able to find an inexpensive set for her to try. I knitted up the little chickens to hold a Cadbury egg. 

Sunday morning we went to church as usual. The kids stayed in the service today instead of going to Sunday school which was nice. 
Maddie and Momma take one! 

Ahh..thats better!

In the afternoon we headed up to Saratoga Spa State Park. Its close by but we had never visited it! We walked some of the spring  trail and really enjoyed it. We also tried out our new loupes which was a ton of fun! We pulled out our new binoculars and used them a bit too. We heard a lot of birds but didn't see many. We will be going back there though! Its an easy drive and a nice walk when we don't have a lot of time.

Checking out moss with the loupe
 Maddie spied this snake. She was so excited because it was the first time seeing a snake in the wild. I was impressed that she was able to spy him at all in the middle of all those leaves!

 mineral spring
 camera consultations!
 the mineral spring is on the right
 the bottom of another mineral spring...we also got right into this with the loupes! Very cool....

 More loupe inspection!  The Easter Bunny was smart and brought for each of us! 

So much fun was had by all. Now we have ham in the oven, scallop potatoes warming and asparagus sauteing away! We hope you had a Happy Easter!

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