Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Weekend

On Saturday Maddie and I went to 5 Rivers Environmental Education Center for a program on identifying trees in winter. We were early and had a good time strolling around for a bit and spent a good bit of time watching the birds at the many bird feeders.

Downey Woodpecker


The program was good because it helped us a bit with figuring out the dichotomous key. We always seem to get wrapped up in analytical discussions about the 2 choices instead of just choosing one yes or no. I think we will be better equipped next time we give it a try on our own!

I wondered what or who piled all those up...kids? animals? the wind? but forgot to go back and ask once we got into the "Which tree is this?" discussion! 

On Sunday morning we had duck eggs for breakfast! Brian buys our eggs from a co-worker who raises chickens. We decided to scramble them and they were really rich, creamy and very good.

I also finished the first month of my temperature scarf! 

So we had some fun mixed in with the work this weekend!

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