Thursday, February 18, 2016

First Poetry Tea

I read about having a weekly poetry tea and thought it might be a good idea to try. Today we gave it a try with only 3 day care kiddos in attendance. We made gingerbread cookies this morning then added juice for little ones and peppermint tea for Maddie and Miss.Jenn. Yum! And we enjoyed the poetry too! We read some Robert Frost poems, poems from a book called Winter Bees and Jabberwocky (which Maddie picked out from the poem anthology in honor of Poppa Bill). Maddie and I enjoyed it quite a bit. Everyone under 4 enjoyed the cookies! We will keep giving it a try and see how it goes over time.

I also have to share Maddie's one nature journal entry from Winter Camp. I love it! She made the frozen lake and mountains behind it. Then she showed the cracks in the snow on the lake because she was fascinated with the frost she could see in the cracks. Then, just to round things out, she made her pancakes from breakfast! Sums up winter camp quite nicely I think! 

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