Sunday, April 9, 2017

5 Rivers with 4H

We had a nice time yesterday afternoon with some of our 4H group at 5 Rivers. We walked the wood lot trail in hopes of seeing the owl but it was not in residence yesterday. Bummer!

Then we walked around the beaver pond where we spied all sorts of good things! A pair of mallards made quite a display flapping about and diving under the water. A pair of Canada geese also showed up. And, Momma was happy, a great blue heron was walking along the opposite shore. I didn't have the right lens on my camera to catch most of these but still got some pretty shots of the pond and the kids.

All of them were getting shots of the heron or looking through the bins to get a better look.

We also found coltsfoot in several places. It was nice to see the bright yellow in the midst of all the brown!

We also walked the backyard trail loop but didn't see a whole lot of interest. I was able to get ahead of the group a bit..well, not the kids...and get a couple of shots.

When we got back to the car we inspected a fern leaf and a gall that was broken open with our loupes.

All in all an excellent time!!

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