Saturday, March 11, 2017

Maddie Made A Backpack!

Today was sewing day for 4H. Maddie and I started the day at Joann's where she picked out Doctor Who fabric for her backpack. We had a great time and had lots of fun! Maddie did an excellent job too. Its been a while since she used the sewing machine but it seemed to come back to her.

a bit blurry but evidence that Maddie did her own ironing!

Emily helping Maddie cut her fabric. Notice Emily's sweatshirt...SUNY ESF. She had a long talk with Maddie later about the college. Maddie was already thinking that would be a good college to attend and, as she listened, her eyes started to light up. I think she wishes she was ready to head there this fall!! Highlights: "I hope you like to get dirty because if you have a class with a lab you are going to be outside digging around in the dirt." and "Oh man, we are all such a bunch a nerds. If you aren't a nerd you won't make it!" 

Pocket Directions!

Look Mamaw Mary! Your '76 beetle pincushion is still in use!

Chatting while Norah worked on getting her cords through.


Double Ta-Da!!

And now I must I go...I think my PJs are screaming for me at this point!!!

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