Sunday, May 8, 2016

Forestry Camp 2016

We were off Friday night to 4H Forestry Camp! Friday night is arrival and getting to know each other. On Saturday we learned tree identification, measuring a tree using a Biltmore stick, compass sighting and reading a topographic map. Maddie soaked up as much as she could and so did Brian while I took notes, notes and more notes!

Out the front door of the main bulding

Tree Identification 

Note taking!  

 Figuring out their pace for the Biltmore stick

What is the circumference of that tree any way?

Helping Daddy out! 

How tall is that tree?

Can we all agree how tall that tree is??

Which compass are we using for this map any way?

Sighting with the compass

On Sunday morning they took a test for each area. Maddie was thrilled to learn that she was one of the top 4 in her age group of kids 13 and under. Soon she will be in the 14 and up group and could head off to National Forestry Camp if she manages to stay in the top 4.

Getting the certificate of participation

Top 4! Look at that big grin. She was really surprised. We went in with the goal of doing better than last year. She blew that goal right out of the water!
It was a lot of fun but now its back to business as usual....with some tree identification and measuring thrown in!

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