Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Christmas Already? Yarn Along

I haven't participated in the yarn along for the last few weeks because I was working on a surprise! I purchased yarn to make Maddie some socks for her birthday and shortly after that my mom purchased the same yarn for my birthday present! There wasn't enough to make us all tall socks so I made tall socks for Maddie and then 2 pairs of Rose City Rollers for myself and my mom. Now we all have matching socks! The picture above has Maddie's toes and mine with Momm's socks ready to head to Idaho. It was a great surprise! 

And so on to the next project....more socks! I decided to make all my day care kids a pair of socks for Christmas, Since I am using worsted weight yarn and they all have tiny feet this is coming along fairly quickly. I find that I am finishing a pair in about 2 days, sometimes 3 if I am busy! So 2 pairs down, 4 to go! 

I am reading a biography of Beatrix Potter. I was interested in reading it after listening to the first one of the cottage tales of Beatrix Potter. Its been fun to read about her childhood. She did many things that Maddie would love to do! Maddie was given a new magazine by Poppa Bill called Nature Friend. It arrived this week. Maddie and I have been swapping it back and forth to read. We are really enjoying it! 

What are you knitting and reading?

Joining Ginny at Small Things today!


  1. Splendid! After you finish your book, google for the movie "Miss Potter" and watch it. Such a sweet sweet woman and a sweet life.

  2. Hi Jennifer! I loved that book! I read anything I can find when it comes to Beatrix Potter!
    Your socks are darling and HOW KIND of you to knit socks for your daycare kids!

  3. I love that you are knitting socks for all your day care kids. In third grade, my son's teacher gave each child a pair of mittens knit by his wife. It's always nice to introduce them to handmade gifts in their early years, isn't it?

  4. oh how fun! those are really cute socks!!! and that read on B. P. sounds lovely!!!

  5. Oh wow, look at all those socks - love them, they certainly brighten up an autumn day!